Masthope is a fast growing four seasons single home private community situated in the most northern tier of the Pocono Mountains.

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Variance hearings

There are three variance hearings scheduled for Sunday, August 12th beginning at 9am, in the property owners lounge, at that time comment will be taken from those in attendance.  After receiving public comment and reviewing the provided project documentation the hearing will be closed.  The ECC will may issue a decision at that time or may issue their decision at a future date. 

Lot #1119FW,121 Trout Road-Applied for a variance to allow a 15' setback.  The lot is on the corner of West Lakeview and Trout Road.  This section of Trout Road is undeveloped (unpaved).  Because it is a corner, it has two 40' setbacks from either road and a 15' setback from the side and rear. There is a vernal pool/wetland located on the property that restricts the buildable portion of the lot.  They are requesting a variance to encroach into the building setback window, toward Trout Road in order to make the lot buildable while avoiding impact with the vernal pool/wetland.

Lot #1171FW, 101 Perch Road-Applied for a variance to allow a new deck 2.5' into the front setback.  It would line up with an existing deck that is also in the setback.  Masthope Architectural Guidelines requires a front setback of 40 feet.

Lot #233MR, 120 Pioneer Drive-Applied for a variance to allow building 10' into the side setback.  The Masthope Architectural Guidelines requires a side setback of 15 feet. 


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