Masthope is a fast growing four seasons single home private community situated in the most northern tier of the Pocono Mountains.

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Letter from the Board of Directors


Important COVID-19 Message – Masthope Operations 




Masthope’s Board of Directors, management and staff have been working every day to keep our community operational while the COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges seemingly every hour. But we need your help to ensure that we can continue to do our best to keep our members, guests and staff safe and healthy.


Faced with statewide Stay-at-Home orders in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, many people have relocated to Masthope as a refuge, perhaps not realizing that Pennsylvania has similar orders in place. As of March 30, Governor Wolf has expanded the Stay-at-Home order to 26 counties in Pennsylvania, among them Pike and Wayne counties.  However, we have seen that some residents are not practicing physical distancing. Last week we had a crowd at the beach comparable to a weekend day in season. People were socializing, children were at play together, and the same was happening at the river park and around the lodge.  The violation of physical distancing was so blatant that our management received phone calls from our lake neighbors who were concerned and alarmed about what was happening.


Another unfortunate incident occurred at the trash compactor. Many people arrived at the facility at the same time, many bringing trash from their primary homes and not respecting staff, our rules or any distancing recommendations.  To protect our staff, they were removed from the facility and instructed to sporadically return through the day to operate the equipment. This led to some members leaving a mountain of household trash, including mattresses and other household items, which then needed to be dealt with by our staff.  There are posts on Facebook with disturbing pictures of the mess left behind. Unfortunately, we must now ask staff members to man the compactor putting themselves at risk simply to assure rules are followed.


We have made the decision to close all outdoor facilities. The decision to close the outdoor facilities was not taken lightly. We encourage you to help yourself and your neighbors to remain safe. This was our best option to assist in that fight. Under the Governors closure rules, Community Associations were granted a variance to have a limited staff to ensure that essential services continue. We will focus on those essential services.  Checking on the admittance to a recreational facility is not an essential service.  Your cooperation in maintaining order in the community is greatly needed.


As the Board of Directors, and together with management, we are committed to do everything we can to keep the community safe and healthy. We will not succeed without your help. Masthope is not an island and is not immune from COVID-19.


If you choose to relocate to Masthope, please follow all guidelines and self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.


Please practice physical distancing.


Please follow the directives from Community, State, Local and Federal governments.


Please follow our rules.   


We are in this together and together we will get through these challenging times.




Masthope Mountain Community Board of Directors


196 Karl Hope Blvd
Lackawaxen, PA 18435
phone: 570-685-4790
fax: 570-685-2701

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