Masthope is a fast growing four seasons single home private community situated in the most northern tier of the Pocono Mountains.

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Board of Directors update 4/28/20




Message 4-28


The Board of Directors would like to thank the more than 70 members who attended the April BOD meeting.  As a first attempt at virtual meetings we feel it was a success, we will continue to look at available technology and adjust to serve our members best.  This meeting did demonstrate that the Board has been continually active through the stay-home order and will continue to work even if it is not in a conventional fashion.  Although there were many motions involving purchases for the community, we are on a fiscally conservative track, continued monitoring of our finances will assure the financial health and success of Masthope.


Due to COVID-19, procedures for nominating a member for election to the Board of Directors has been modified and date extended to May 15.  The standard procedure is for a member interested in running to get a minimum of 10 signatures of members in good standing who support their nomination.  This standard procedure is still valid and in effect. With social distancing and stay at home orders it may be difficult to collect signatures, and an additional, modified procedure will allow for the process to be completed via email.  The new procedure will be posted on and will be distributed via Constant Contact.  If you are not on Constant Contact, please contact the office to have your email added.


May 1st starts our new fiscal year. We encourage everyone to continue to pay their dues on time, using our standard payment options.  We encourage any member who has a financial hardship to contact the office to discuss what newly approved payment plan works better for them.  If you chose a payment plan, please remember all supporting documents must be returned to the office, without them you are not on a payment plan and you risk your Member in Good Standing status.


We are continuing social distancing, as recommended by Gov. Wolf. It is still the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While we encourage you to enjoy Masthope you must understand that when you arrive from another location you must self-isolate for 14 days, wear your mask when entering any area. You may walk or ride, maintaining distancing from others.  Please respect the closure of our amenities, we hope it is a short-term inconvenience, we will continue to monitor the government guidelines and adjust operations when possible.  Be assured we do not like this any better than you, but it is for all our protection.  We will update you as the guidelines change.


ATV operation continues in the community, please be considerate of all members.  Review the rules for operation of ATV’s, common sense also goes a long way to assure we are not disturbing our neighbors. There were several unfortunate incidents this past weekend with members becoming frustrated with ATV operators who may or may not have been violating community rules, personal confrontation never ends well.  Public Safety is actively patrolling, unfortunately they cannot be everywhere, constant complaint calls are not helpful, your concerns are being investigated.  Please be safe and respect your neighbors.


 Please be safe and healthy.


196 Karl Hope Blvd
Lackawaxen, PA 18435
phone: 570-685-4790
fax: 570-685-2701

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