Masthope is a fast growing four seasons single home private community situated in the most northern tier of the Pocono Mountains.

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Board Update 6/16/20




BOD update 6-15


We hope this update finds you well.


With Pike County going to the Green Phase this coming weekend there will be some changes at Masthope and our surrounding community.  The new phase allows for gatherings of up to 250 people, allows for indoor dining with 50% occupancy while still maintaining proper social distancing.  You must have a face covering when moving around the Summit and Tiki, when seated you may remove your mask.  The regulations require that a face covering must be held in position without the use of your hands.


The Summit will open Saturday evening with social distancing accomplished by removing select tables from the restaurant and bar area.  Seating in the bar will be done by the host only. We will manage capacity in all areas, this includes seating at the bar, the restaurant, the Tiki, wherever guests are served. There will be no walk-up service at the Summit Bar, all guests must have a seat to be served.  Patio service will continue at the Summit.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, this will not be easy, particularly for our staff.


The Tiki Bar will continue to operate. The one change we are introducing this weekend is to put a table in the pool area for walk up service. Please do not go to the bar, unless seated you will not be served.  We continue to operate by the rules put in place by the Governor’s order and for the health, welfare and safety of all our guests and staff.


The beach and pool will continue to operate as this past week.  On June 26th we will move to Members Only at the beach and pool.  The lake will go to two shifts at that time, with wristbands clearly indicating who can use the beach at which shift.  Boaters may continue to enjoy their boats, but must have a wristband for the current session to enter the beach area.


There has been some confusion about the financing of the proposed expanded pool complex.  The financing will be achieved by refinancing the existing community loans combined with additional funds to complete the project.  Because the payoff for this new loan package will be extended to 10 years, it will result in a reduction in your annual capital assessment. Currently you pay $322 to pay the existing loan balance (which would be paid off in 2023), while the new combination loan will cost not more than $265 and will extend the payoff term to 10 years. 


Information on the pool project can be found at under Meeting Information.  There is a file called “Pool Proposal Sketch” which shows the basic layout and concept for the complex.  Another file (“Reports for 5/23/20 Meeting”) in the same section of the website has the narrative on the pool complex.


Saturday June 20 is the next Board of Directors meeting. The meeting will be a teleconference again, instructions will be posted later this week. 


We again ask for your help to make sure that everyone wears a face mask when you visit any facility on the mountain, and when you approach our staff. With the warmer weather we expect higher traffic at all of our amenities, and we take the concern about everyone’s health, welfare, and safety very seriously. Please be respectful to each other, stay distant, and wear masks.  

Stay healty, stay safe


196 Karl Hope Blvd
Lackawaxen, PA 18435
phone: 570-685-4790
fax: 570-685-2701

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