Board Members

Board Members

Masthope is a fast growing four seasons single home private community situated in the most northern tier of the Pocono Mountains.

The Masthope Board of Directors provides professional, selfless, volunteer service to the Masthope Mountain Community Property Owners Council. Board meetings are held every month as well as three General Membership meetings. Property owners are encouraged to attend these very important meetings which are advertised in the Weekly Messages as well as the quarterly Newsletter.

  • Gerhard Buhler (7/2016-7/2019)

    Gerhard Buhler (7/2016-7/2019)

    Board Treasurer. Given my long term professional experience in Physics Research, Engineering, and IT Management, I am looking forward to help our Community with my expertise in Technology and Data Management, Operations, Process Improvements and Budget Management. I will put my energy, knowledge and skills into making sure that Masthope continues to be run for the benefit of its residents. My wife and I can be found most weekends in Masthope where we enjoy the many amenities, facilities, and the environment that all together make Masthope so special. If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me at

  • Dan Clark (7/2016-7/2019)

    Dan Clark (7/2016-7/2019)

    President of the Board of Directors. Homeowner since 2000. Full time resident Fall 2004.

  • Bruno DeVinck (7/2017-7/2020))

    Bruno DeVinck (7/2017-7/2020))

    My wife Dolores and I have been members of the community since 2011 and home owners since 2013. I have been a real estate asset manager for over 40 years, managing multiple portfolios, some individual complexes with over 1100 units. I am the past president for the NJ Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management(IREM), past director of the New Jersey Association of Realtors(NJAR), presently Chief Operating Officer, Director & Secretary of Lightstone Value Plus Real Estate Investment Trust-1 (LSVPREIT-1)and Director & Secretary of LSVPREIT-11. I have also formed my own real estate related Limited Liability Company. We split our week between our two homes, so we are at Masthope several days every week. My goal is to continue the success of the association of being a premier four season family community which requires a lot of continuing effort from our professional and volunteer staff and members. I presently serve on the Strategic Planning Committee.

  • James Fox (7/2015-7/2018)

    James Fox (7/2015-7/2018)

    My name is Jim Fox. A full time resident of Masthope for the last 13 years. Married and have three children, and two grandchildren. I am a retired senior commercial web offset printer. Currently and for the last three years I have been on the Environmental Control Committee. The Board appointed me in 2013 to represent our community with the Pennsylvania State Department of Conservation "Fire Wise" program. I was instrumental in having the Smokey Bear sign placed for our fire safety awareness.

  • James Graziano (7/2015-7/2018)

    James Graziano (7/2015-7/2018)

    Twenty nine years of business experience with the last 24 years of employment at a Long Island Based Fortune 500 Company. Areas of expertise include Energy Efficiency, Financial Analysis and Project Management. Undergraduate Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Management Policy Sciences. Part time resident of Masthope since 2012. My wife and I are active members of the community and have volunteered in numerous capacities. We find volunteering to be a rewarding experience and a positive way to ensure our community continues to prosper. I am proud to have your support as I serve on the Board of Directors.

  • Ed McClary (7/2016-7/2019)

    Ed McClary (7/2016-7/2019)

    Vice President of the Board of Directors. Property owner since 2008 and President/Owner of H Cross Company which has a worldwide customer base for its Precision Metal Products since 1939. I look forward to helping with any and all matters involving the community whether financial, personnel, owner or operations related.

  • Foster McCoy (7/2015-7/2018)

    Foster McCoy (7/2015-7/2018)

    Chairman of the Board of Directors. Foster McCoy has been in the money management business for the past 33 years. I am currently the Chief Fiduciary Investment Officer of our firm which is one of the largest money management operations in the world and have managed all facets of the business. My direct responsibility is oversight of all fiduciary investment activity by our domestic portfolio manager, Chair of the Collective Investment funds ($1.0 billion), member of the Board of Directors of the Domestic Trust company and directly managing client funds ($1.25 billion). I have an MBA in Finance from Fordham University and a BBA in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University. My family and I have been residents of Masthope for the past 10 years. We are very active in the community and I have Chaired the Audit Committee for the past 2 years. We use most of the amenities in the community, spend most weekends and vacations here and plan to retire here.

  • Eugene Principe (7/2015 ~7/2018)

    Eugene Principe (7/2015 ~7/2018)

  • Peter Torchio (7/2017-7/2020 )

    Peter Torchio (7/2017-7/2020 )

    I’m Peter Torchio, Chairman of the ECC. I am a full time resident for 7 years. I was on the Real Estate Committee for 6 years and Chairman for 2 years. I am also a full time volunteer.

  • Michele Torre (7/2016-7/2019)

    Michele Torre (7/2016-7/2019)

    Secretary of the Board of Directors. As a veteran member of the Board of Directors, I continue to be enthusiastic and motivated to volunteer my time and energy to make our community the best in the Poconos. I'm proud to boast that great things are happening at Masthope! My husband, 2 children and I have been property owners for over 8+ years, and I have been actively involved ever since. Over the past several years, I have served as the Secretary of the Board, and a member of the MasterPlan/Strategic Planning Committee. I am committed to achieving the goals of our Strategic Plan. I look forward to listening to and sharing the suggestions and/or concerns of the membership to create a fiscally responsible plan for growth and development of our community. Please feel free to contact me anytime with your suggestions, comments, concerns, questions, desire to get involved or just to introduce yourself at:

  • Rich Neidkowski (7/2017-7/2020)

    Rich Neidkowski (7/2017-7/2020)

    My name is "Little" Richie Neidkowski, a full-time community member for 24 years. Over ten years ago, I self-started a landscaping business. I am the proud father of Caleb, a beautiful 4 year-old boy and we spend many hours enjoying the amenities offered to the property owners in Masthope. As a father and Board Member, maintaining and upgrading our family-oriented amenities plus enhancing the community will be my top priority.

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