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Board of Directors

The Masthope Board of Directors provide professional, selfless, volunteer service to the Masthope Mountain Community Property Owners Council. Board meetings are held every month and three General Membership Meetings are held annually. Property Owners are encouraged to attend these very important meetings, which are advertised in the Weekly Messages, online and in the Masthope Newsletter.

June Murphy Carrozza – President

(7/2019 – 7/2022) boardpresident@masthope.org
“We built our home in 2003 and became full time residents in 2006. Each person brings to the Board a different skill set. I bring the experience I have from my 33 year career as a Registered Nurse, owning and operating my own catering company and working as Activity Director for this Community. I am creative, honest and a hard worker. I believe we have the best Community and I would like it to continue to grow.”

Foster McCoy – Vice President

(7/2021 – 7/2024)
Foster McCoy has been in the money management business for the past 33 years. “I am currently the Chief Fiduciary Investment Officer of our firm which is one of the largest money management operations in the world and have managed all facets of the business. My direct responsibility is oversight of all fiduciary investment activity by our domestic portfolio manager, Chair of the Collective Investment funds ($1.0 billion), member of the Board of Directors of the Domestic Trust company and directly managing client funds ($1.25 billion).

I have an MBA in Finance from Fordham University and a BBA in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University. My family and I have been residents of Masthope for the past 10 years. We are very active in the community and I have chaired the Audit Committee for the past 2 years. We use most of the amenities in the community, spend most weekends and vacations here and plan to retire here.”

Bruno Devinck – Chairman

(7/2020 – 7/2023)
“My wife Dolores and I have been members of the Masthope Mountain Community since 2011. We divide our time between both of our homes and we are at Masthope 2-4 days every week.

I studied Architecture at Pratt Institute and later earned the Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). I am a past director of a major national hotel company and the New Jersey Association of Realtors (NJAR). I am also the past Chief Operating Officer, Director and Secretary of a major national Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) for 9 years, and Chairman of the Board of a non-profit senior residential health care facility for 22 years. I have spent over 40 years as an asset manager of national real estate investment portfolios, including from 1994 to the present with the Lightstone Group.

Upon becoming a property owner at Masthope, I wanted to be involved in the community and immediately started attending the monthly board meetings. I am now a director and I am honored to be Chairman of the Board.

My goal is to continue to maintain the high level of services and amenities of our four-season community brought about by the collaboration between my fellow directors and Management.”

Gerhard Bühler – Treasurer

(7/2019 – 7/2022)
“Given my long term professional experience in Physics Research, Engineering, and IT Management, I am looking forward to help our Community with my expertise in Technology and Data Management, Operations, Process Improvements and Budget Management. I will put my energy, knowledge and skills into making sure that Masthope continues to be run for the benefit of its residents. My wife and I can be found most weekends in Masthope where we enjoy the many amenities, facilities, and the environment that all together make Masthope so special.”

Anthony Falcone – Secretary

(7/2019 – 7/2022)
“My name is Anthony Falcone. My family has been a part of the Masthope community since 2014. I was elected to serve as a Board member in July of 2019. As a Board member I’ve dedicated my efforts to seek out community member’s ideas/recommendations to achieve the common goal of maintaining and improving on the great amenities and services that the Masthope Mountain Community offers.”

Eugene Principe 

(7/2021 – 7/2024)
“I have been a member of the Masthope Mountain Community Board of Directors for the past 3 years. I have been volunteering my time to protect the interests of our community. I have enjoyed the time I have spent keeping the community moving forward with new amenities and keeping the existing ones in good shape. I take my job as a Board member very serious trying to ensure the community remains fiscally responsible and protecting our property values. I have been a full-time resident of the community for the past 12 years and have a vested interest in the community.”

Herman Matfes

(7/2019 – 7/2022)
Herman Matfes, his wife, Kathy and their two children have been calling Masthope home for over a decade. They found their perfect getaway just in time for their daughter’s second birthday. Since then, you can find them at the lake or pool most of the summer and on the mountain skiing most of the winter. This past year, their son’s skiing surpassed dad’s – a truly proud moment for both father and son at Masthope.

Herman is an IT business executive with over 25 years of experience working with some of the largest technology companies in the world. Herman is actively involved in volunteering at their homes in Berkeley Heights, NJ and in Masthope. Herman is a current member of the Communications Committee at Masthope where he’s working with the team to bring innovative improvements to our community.

In Berkeley Heights, Herman is an active member of the Communications Committee, where he just finished spearheading the redesign and launch of the township’s new website. Other projects his committees have delivered included a new newsletter, improved social media presence and community surveys. These endeavors have meaningfully improved communication and dialog between the community, its governing body and administration.

Tom Garrity

(7/2020 – 7/2023)
“I’m Tom Garrity. I’ve owned a home in Masthope for the past eight years. I am a member of the Document Review Committee and was previously a member of the Ski RFP committee. I am a Registered Nurse, my background is in the Emergency Room, I am currently a supervisor of twelve RNs who manage the care of a primarily elderly population. I’ve been married to my wife, Judy, for forty years, we have three children and two grandchildren. I was initially drawn to the area because I have been fly fishing in the local rivers and streams for years.

We chose to buy a home in Masthope because of the many amenities and the overall high quality of life. One of my greatest experiences has been the ability to teach and ski with my two grandchildren, who are five and seven years old. I’m on the Board because I realize that our community requires significant input from the owners, and I am in a position to contribute the time. My goal is to ensure that our current level of services is maintained and that we continue to thrive as a community.”

Chris Pisani

(7/2020 – 7/2023)
“My name is Chris Pisani. I have been married to my wife Antonia for the last 12 years. We have 2 amazing boys, Vincenzo and Anthony. My family and I have been a part of the Masthope Community since 2017 and have enjoyed every minute. In July 2001, I was sworn in as a New York City Fireman and have since moved up the ranks to Lieutenant. Throughout my 19 years in the FDNY I have been involved in many trainings, deployments as well as writing grants for better tools and training. Also, for the past 28 years… I have been a volunteer firefighter on Long Island, where I was Chief Officer for nine years. We were responsible for a 6.5 million dollar budget and a membership of 250 men and women.

I believe that my vast experience in various leadership positions within the fire department will be a valuable asset to the board as well as to the residents of the Masthope Community. I will devote my time and efforts to be a voice for the community. I will lead with integrity and strive at continuing to make the Masthope Mountain Community a place our families can make wonderful memories for many years to come. Let’s keep Masthope great together.”

Phil Balzafiore

(7/2021 – 7/2024)
“My wife Susan and I live on Long Island with our three children: Philip, Julia and Grace. We purchased our Masthope home in 2017 after renting here for 8 years, but our love for the community goes back nearly 40 years. Susan’s parents were original owners, and I frequented Masthope as a guest since the 1980’s (I learned to ski on Big Bear).

I sought my position on the Board because I believe that Masthope’s most controversial challenges are solvable. My 25 years of business and legal experience, along with having seen the community evolve over the years, uniquely positions me to help us all move forward together.

I currently am the Group Head of Tax for a publicly traded global asset manager overseeing more than $30 billion. For 25 years, I have held similar executive and tax counsel positions at other well-known financial institutions. I am a NYS attorney with two law degrees, as well as a NYS CPA.”

Steven Walsh

(7/2021 – 7/2024)
Steven Walsh joined the BOD in 2021. Bio coming soon.